These are company names which currently have NO ONE on their payrolls: NO EMPLOYEES, NO FREELANCERS. They were registered with the state of California or Delaware and may or may not be up to date on taxes. But they are OWNED and have at least one executive. The names should not be freely used in Los Angeles or elsewhere by unattached individuals. At this time there are NO partnerships nor agreements connecting them to other movie studios. In the past some individuals used a few of the the names and logos but they were NOT legal entities. These may or may not stay around and be used. Questions about TRADE NAME (below) and TRADEMARKS (like the Universal logo) CLICK HERE FOR AN ARTICLE

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, INC (registered in California)

UNIVERSAL PICTURES, LLC (registered in Delaware)

DREAMWORKS (registered in California)

DREAMWORKS PICTURES LLC (registered in California)

AMBLIN, INC. (registered in California)

AMBLIN PARTNERS, LLC (registered in California)

GOOGLE STUDIOS, LLC (registered in California)

SOL III LLC (registered in California)

*There are more. Please reference the Secretary of the State of California’s web sites.