Wild Pet Idiots

Are people who sign documents they are not authorized to. They may even be using someone else’s identity full or part time. You can learn about COMPANY NAMES which shouldn’t be used freely by unattached individuals.

Some names off the top of my head NO ONE should be using but the original people.

SARAH ABRAMS CHAR (born 1972, birth name, legal name)*
STEVIN SPIELBERG (born 1972, this particular spelling, studio name that Sarah was going to change to in 1976 officially/legally but it didn’t happen after all)*
STEVEN “ALIEN” SPIELBERG (born 1972, this was Sarah’s updated fun name, the day or two after a group helped her with what became Close Encounters of the Third Kind)*
SARAH “LUSOR” SPIELBERG (born 1972, new legal name(as of year 2020) and nickname/middle from 1981. Using as a pen name (SarahSpielberg.org 2021))*
DIA ABRAMS (missing or deceased) Article
MARY RIDGE (born 1945)
CLINTON ABRAMS (born 1989) CBS interview on missing (He may or may not be blood related)
CRISARA ABRAMS (born 1985) Water polo (She may or may not be blood related)
MARY ABRAMS CHAR (deceased) – this one was an older woman than the one in La Jolla.
HAROLD ABRAMS (deceased) Grave marker
YEW CHAR (deceased) Info History
TEN CHAR (deseased) Grave marker
HELEN MAU CHAR (deceased)
LINCOLN SINAN CHAR (deceased) Grave marker
ANDREW ______ CHAR (one of them was born in 1979, the other may be a few years older)


*This is the same person.

Some made up names. I know this because I made them up myself. I realize, there have been more than one individual using them.

DONNA LANGLEY (I was asked to create the last name, but it wasn’t for me to use. Some men created documents to define a new ‘Donna’ because the original one was a political disruptor who wanted to marry my real father and instead Hawaii people had her m-rdered before I was born. I AM NOT HER DAUGHTER. Foreign nationals appear to have reinvented a much worse character and hired more than one human being for the role: male and female. They asked me if I’d do it and I said no, I will not do those things. Her people have worked against me, my family, stolen identities, m-rdered, abused, extorted, threatened and robbed all kinds of Hollywood and other people. They may have also sabotaged current and future politicians. At least one of those Donnas has been inside of every home I ever lived in without permission. She may have even used MY REAL NAME: Sarah Abrams Char as well as my original “stage name” or nickname “Steven Spielberg”. I witnessed one Donna BUY my stolen(from me) drivers license in person. Some men have told me directly they were helping her and any of my IPs were for her use. They’ve even stolen personal belongings to give to her or her people. She has forced herself on men or tried to that are or were family members of mine.)

JEFF SHELL (there have been at least two, maybe three of these. At least one was blond, another dark haired. I may have witnessed the blond one from the 1970s “ended”. The bigger dark haired one claimed to be me, my grandmother “Helen Mau Char”, my grandfather “Yew Char” even my brother’s name “Andrew” IN PERSON TO ME. Maybe more.)

MARK MINOR (I named a smaller man the name as a subordinate to a childhood friend known as Mark Peterson. The one(s) from SAN DIEGO not Los Angeles. This one told me in person decades ago that he is Dreamworks “for me” on the back lot, but years before in my childhood he ordered hits against my family in person. I never knew how I was supposed to know him. No phone number, business card, etc. I called the back lot in early 2021 and he got on the phone saying that he is “head of security” and NOT TO COME to the Universal lot ever because they already have a Steven Spielberg.)

MAMIE McCALL (it was a made up name in Hawaii, 1970s, I have seen at THREE women of different heights using this name. I believe one of them was supposed to be like a bodyguard because she was so tough, but I never got to know her at all.)

MICHAEL SPIELBERG (there have been at least two of them I have crossed paths with, one was real short the other medium to tall and blond haired. I created the name for the shorter dark haired one who wanted me to call him “Steven Spielberg”. This name should not even exist. I never gave permission to anyone in the 1970s. The blond one INSISTED that I be a “Korean” for him, not a “Russian Jew” while I was under two years old and in a kidnapping situation. A few years later he(or his stand in) saw me reading a book about Native American Indians in my grade school classroom and then he decided I should be an “American Indian” for him.)

There are more. You probably already figured this out.

Known Wild Pet Idiots using their own names in public but signing mine or other people’s names on paperwork.

Michelle Kirksey (not sure the spelling)
Donna Fleming (was a smarter one and on the ball than many wild pet idiots I’ve met. She may have used my real name. To his/her credit they did try to help me be connected at the movie studio so people could talk to me, but she/he too has been threatened at gun point)
Justin Lin (has used the name “Sarah Abrams Char” at Universal). There may be more than one of them. One from the U.S. and the other Korea.
April ______ (from Hawaii, not sure her last name. One of them was a daughter of Taiwanese Steven–“a backlot Vladimir”)
Bryce _______ (you know he/she I’m trying to save him a little)
Thad Beier About
Mike Wassel (I’ve lost count how many people are using this name)
Joshua Kushner (I’m not sure how many people are using this name)
Lisa Cecere College instructor
Donna Langley (How many have used this name? 3+)
Neal Moritz (he’s semi-okay having done this, but I am not sure he is 100% on “my team”)
Miguel Fernandez Oxnard
John Henry Felix (Hawaii) About